What you'll get:

    • You can make your brand more visible and reach more potential customers by taking advantage of the millions of active people on social media platforms. It will open up more opportunities for sales.
    • You can directly engage with your customers and improve relationships by using the built-in communication features of social media, such as comments, direct messages, and live chat. It will encourage customer loyalty and repeat business.
    • By providing backlinks to your website, which are a crucial factor in determining your website’s search engine ranking, a solid social media presence can boost your SEO rankings.
    • You can increase website visits and sales opportunities by sharing content on social media, which will result in followers sharing and re-sharing your content.
    • Due to its capacity to reach a large audience and the potential for a high return on investment (ROI), social media marketing is an affordable marketing strategy for your business.



Digital Marketing Strategy

Customized plan for every business

A personalized strategy for each business You will only need to look up competitor activities, target audiences, content ideas, backlinks, etc. because doing so takes time. We make digital marketing easier for you—our strategy for achieving a return on investment for your company through various online channels.


File Type: Excel and PDF


$ 10



Execution method

1. SEO: Utilize our comprehensive site audit report to optimize your website.
Our Top 10 keyword ranking optimizer will list the actions you need to take to rank in Google.

2. PPC: Choose the keywords, placements, ad copies, extensions, negative keywords, tracking, and other aspects of the campaign as outlined in the document.

3. SMO: You can get an idea of what to post with our social media calendar for 30 days. Use Canva to create a straightforward design and share it on social media.

4. SMM: Select the bidding strategy, audience placements, ad copy, and tracking options to create a campaign by the document.


Frequently Asked Questions

Since this is an action plan, we will provide you with blog topics, ideas, and keywords for your blog. Yes, we provide blog writing services at minimal additional cost.


Our services include the creation of a backlink to your website. Separate charges will be applicable for the cost incurred for construction. We will provide precise information on where to construct a backlink for your website. You can reach out to the owner of the website with your content. We will initiate communication. There are free and paid websites.


In most cases, the action plan will not cover the landing page. Contact us if you require an optimized landing page. We will carry it out at a low cost.


We will provide you with precise instructions on how to set up your Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other advertising campaigns; Ad copy, bid strategies, keywords, audience list, remarketing, and ad extension are all included.


The strategy we develop for your company will be uploaded to your dashboard and sent to your e-mail.


Yes, we create a one-of-a-kind digital marketing strategy for your business based on your objective.